Good or Wicked? (Book Post: Dorothy Must Die)

Hello fellow book lovers! Just before the weekend last week, I finished “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige. I’ve come to find I love a good retelling so grab a seat and your copy of the book for references and LET’S GET STARTED
So like I said this is a retelling (sort of) of “The Wizard of Oz.” This book centers around Amy, a 17-year-old girl from Kansas. She gets bullied in school and her mom blames her for ruining her life. Amy fantasizes about leaving her small town where she doesn’t seem to do anything right. Amy and her trailer get swept up in a tornado and Amy is sure she’s going to die. Instead she ends up in Oz but it’s not quite as she imagined. Instead of the vibrant, musical place from the story everything looks dull. She finds out that Dorothy came back to Oz and became a tyrant who’s obsessed with the magic Oz runs on. Amy gets roped into the wicked witches plans to kill Dorothy and take Oz back.

Omg so I’m OBSESSED with this series. I immediately was so engrossed in the story. I think this series does well in the same way that “The Lunar Chronicles” did well in that there’s a source material but the new story is so far from the source you forget it was inspired by something else. I saw so many people on instagram talking about this series and raving about it. I’m so glad I listened to the hype because I am so into it. I can’t wait to start the second one. I went and bought the third last night.

(P.S. I went to BAM! for some books yesterday and is it just me or are they super annoying about their member card thing??? Like the cashier was super pushy about it and I finally was like fuck it I’ll do it just leave me alone.)

(To be fair I do spend a lot on books and I guess for the next year or however long this membership is for I’ll just buy from them and use the discounts.)

Till next time ❤



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