Happy V-Day! 

Hey everyone! Today is Valentine’s day and (for some reason) I know a lot of people hate the holiday. Some because it’s just a consumerism ploy to get people to buy things they don’t need and other’s because it’s a painful reminder how alone they are. I for one am a fan of holidays that give me an excuse to celebrate the people I love. Now I don’t usually partake in the presents and date portion of the holiday. In past years that was just because I was typically single in February but this year my boyfriend and I celebrated by sending each other booty pictures.

Anyway I thought I’d do a lil Valentine’s day look while also reviewing/ just talking about the new make up products (all drugstore) that I got recently.

I needed a new foundation and was going to try the L’oreal  Pro Matte foundation but I saw they have a Pro- Glow formula and I much prefer dewy to matte foundations. I quite like the coverage it provides. I’d say it’s a medium coverage and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Also it’s not too dewy like you don’t look like a grease ball. Or I should say for it me it doesn’t make me too greasy. I wanted to try the new Wet n Wild foundation but I couldn’t find it unfortunately.

Speaking of Wet n Wild I decided to try this highlighting stick they have. When I first tried it I tried just using it directly from stick to face and I found it pulled my foundation up. So the next time I tried using a brush to apply it and that works much better for me. It’s a very pretty champagne pink  and I like it quite a lot.

I also got this mascara (I think it’s maybelline tbh I don’t remember) that I’m not sure how I feel about. It’s a colossal formula called spider I think (sorry I really don’t remember but I’m sure I’ll post a picture of these products). I wanted to try out the spidery, chunky look. I don’t hate the way it makes my lashes look but omg it is such a pain to apply the wand is so fucking weird. I think if I can get the hang of using it I’ll like it.

But yeah just wanted to do a lil Valentine’s day post and remind everyone that you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy the holiday ❤


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