She always comes back… 

Hello lovelies ❤ I’m on the east coast so we got hit with all of the snow this week which would’ve been nice for getting things done if I had gotten a snow day like everyone else. (can you tell I’m still bitter about having to go to work in the snow?)

Anyway. I finished “Tomi” this week which basically is a manga bible it’s so huge. But I highly recommend “Tomi” for any horror fan or just my creepy people in general. Junji Ito’s imagery is so unsettling and just so unique. I’d love to get a collection of his short stories.

Like I said in my last post I started “Splintered” by A.G. Howard. My first impression was that I was going to love it and I found it to be such a fresh take on the Alice fairy tale. After getting through about half of the book I still believe I’m going to enjoy this series but I think there are going to be annoying tropes I’ll just have to deal with. What I find a bit annoying so far is how the romance is just shoved in the readers’ face and there is already a love triangle? Rhombus? I don’t even know. Besides the uncouth way the romance is presented I still think I’ll enjoy this series.

Oh and I tried a new liquid lip recently by Wet n Wild and omfg I am obsessed with it. I forget what shade I have but it’s seriously just as good as any other liquid lip I’ve gotten with the exception of maybe my Jeffree Star lip. And it was only like 5 dollars?!?! The drugstore brands have seriously been stepping up their game.

Until next time 🙂


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