If you’re new here: hey there newbie. If you’re not  you probably don’t need to read this to be honest but knock yourself out.

For my newbies I’ll give y’all an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. My name is Kelsey (it’s everywhere on this blog I’m not sure how you could’ve missed it… I digress) and I like reading Young Adult literature. Like a lot. I used to have a blogspot that I used for my fangirling but it wasn’t working out. So here I am. I write sometimes too so there may or may not be updates on that here as well. Also be prepared for a lot of unflattering pictures of myself.

If you’re a fellow bibliophile I invite you to hang out and chat with me. If you’re not then I probably have nothing to offer you (just kidding I like other stuff too DON’T GO).


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