cute Cute CUTE (Book Post)

Hello again lovlies! I know I like just did a book post but I just tore through “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” by Jenny Han and it was so fucking cute omfg. Anyway today is for my bibliophiles so if you’re one of those grab a chair and LET’S GET STARTED
Alright so this is a contemporary romance about Lara Jean who is starting her Junior year of high school. Lara Jean is a very naive but sweet young woman with her head in the clouds. She has a father who is a doctor, an older sister (Margot) who is the epitome of a first born (she’s motivated, hard working, smart, organized. all that kind of stuff), and a little sister (Kitty) who is a sass master and just wants a god damned puppy. In the beginning of the novel, the family is preparing for Margot’s departure to Scotland for college. Shortly after school starts, these letters that Lara Jean had written to boys she previously had feelings for (you know the kind that aren’t really meant for the other person to read) get sent out to all the boys. Lara Jean is dealing with taking on all the responsibilities Margot had but trying to clean up the mess these letters created.

(omfg this book for some reason was so hard for me to describe I seriously rewrote that probably like 3 times sry if it’s still awful I tried)

This book is so fucking adorable. Lara Jean is the cutest lil thing I want to hug her. And just the way all the characters interact with each other it’s cute. How Peter is with Lara Jean AND Kitty? I can’t.  If you want a cute, fluffy, cozy book then I demand you read this one. It’s like laying by a fire with hot chocolate wrapped in a blanket with your favorite person. I can’t wait to get my hands on the second book.

Till next time ❤


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