On modeling and self esteem.

Hey lovelies 🙂 I know I just posted yesterday and this isn’t like me at all but I came across an article on my facebook yesterday that’s been nagging at me. If I can find it again I’ll link it.

Now if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing I’ll do my best to summarize. In this article a man was discussing the trend of women posting risque photos of themselves and his opinion on it. He was attempting to discourage women from continuing to do this saying that they’re kidding themselves if they say it’s for their self esteem because posting a photo gets you attention from other people and therefore can’t contribute to something that comes from within. He believes that any woman who posts a sexy photo online is  obviously suffering from a low self esteem. He also went on to discuss women who do fine art modeling and how he doesn’t view them as models because they aren’t getting paid to sell a product like say a Victoria’s Secret model.

“And while we’re talking, let’s make something crystal clear: what you’re doing isn’t “modeling.” Victoria Secret models pose on a professional photo set to sell lingerie and associated products for a company.”   Here’s a direct quote to give you a better idea of this man’s viewpoint.

So I have several issues with this guy’s opinion just as a woman and as a woman who does fine art modeling. I don’t see where he thinks every single women who posts a sexy photo online is suffering from a low self esteem. More than likely it’s probably the opposite. Having the balls to post a photo like that requires confidence which he pointed out comes from within. It’s just a silly notion. Not to say that there aren’t women (and probably men) who post sexy photos for the attention and thrive off of it but I find it a gross generalization to say every women who does this doesn’t like herself. I could go on and on about this point but I won’t.

Now as a model I found his viewpoint of fine art photography and modeling very small minded. It came across as if he was totally discrediting photography as a form of art. Also, I didn’t like his implication that a woman who doesn’t get paid to sell a product doesn’t work with professionals and is being taken advantage of. I’ve worked with quite a few photographers and I can tell you they were all extremely professional and not one tried to take advantage of the situation.

I know people have their opinions on this subject and don’t view what I do the same way I do. I know there are people out there who view my modeling as pornographic and probably think the same way this man does. But I do see what I do as an artform. And I will say it has helped my self esteem but not for the reason this man thinks. It’s the process and then seeing the outcome. Seeing myself in these photos I’m in have lead to seeing myself in a different light. It’s not the attention or lack there of that gives me the boost.

Alright I’ll get off my soapbox now.


Photo Credit: James Wayne


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