Slasher Girl (Book Post)

Hey there lovlies! A couple days ago I finished the book of short stories called “Slasher Girls and Monster Boys.” It featured quite a few authors I had yet to read but had definitely heard of and I was pleased with it’s general creepyness. But anyways let’s have a chat LET’S GET STARTED!
This book of short horror stories was edited/ put together by April Genevieve Tucholke and features stories by Leigh Bardougo (the author of the Grisha Triology), A.G.Howard (author of the Splintered series), Danielle Paige (author of the Dorothy Must Die series), and lots of others those are just the ones I think people might be the most familiar with.

I’m a huge fan of horror so I generally liked all of the stories and really enjoyed quite a few. The stories are all inspired by some sort of classic horror like Frankenstein (lots of Frankenstein omg) and some Stephen King stoires and The Omen and some stuff I haven’t even heard of. I really enjoyed all these new takes on stories I was already familiar with. There’s one that’s an Alice in Wonderland inspired one and omg that one had me freaked out for a few days. These stories were all a bit unsettling and creepy.

If you too are a fan of the dark and scary stuff I highly recommend you pick this one up.


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