AOT: Steampunk (Anime First Impression)

Hey lovely blog people! In my last anime post I mentioned that Brady recommended quit a few currently airing anime’s to me and I started another this week. So I thought I could do another anime first impression. Let’s get started!

I started an anime called “Koutetsujou no Kabaneri” or “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.” This anime is set in a world where humans are secluded into different stations and only travel by train in attempt to protect themselves from Kabane. The Kabane are monsters that are basically zombies. They eat people and if you get bitten by one you get turned into one. It seems like the only way to defeat them is to somehow pierce their iron-caged hearts or cut off their heads (I’m not sure about that second part, just going off what I’ve seen happen). The show centers around a man, Ikoma, who works on the trains everyone travels on. Ikoma is also trying to develop an air gun that can more easily pierce the cages in the Kabane. He also does a lot of research on the Kabane trying to figure out what turns people into them.

Okay now this part could be getting into SPOILERS so beware. But Ikoma (I think in the first episode) gets bitten by a Kabane. Another thing that really makes me think zombies with this anime is Ikoma says that the Kabane thing is just a virus and as long as you stop it before it gets to your head you should maintain your humanity. Which is exactly what he does. He stops the virus. So he gets all the physical perks of Kabane while still being sane.

Now the thing with this anime is the basic premise is very similar to a lot of animes: Humanity isn’t at the top of the food chain. So it gets compared to the biggest anime with that basic plot, “Attack on Titan.” Which I totally get because some of the characters are similar as well. But for me I find this anime different in enough ways for it to not bother me. Although the main character got very Eren on us in the last episode with his vengeance.

Other than that I really like this anime. It’s exciting and full of action with characters I find interesting. Also the same studio that did AOT is doing this anime so it looks stunning and the music is great. That should also be an indication on how the action is done. It’s fucking great. And it’s brutal. I’m actually pretty pumped about this one. I can’t wait to find out more.

Oh also I think the band that does this OP is the same one that did one of the “Psycho- Pass” OP’s. Just a fun fact.

Till next time! ❤


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