“And its snap split the world in two.” (Book Post: “Days of Blood and Starlight”)

Hey blog people! I was debating on whether or not to talk about “Days of Blood and Starlight” or not since I mentioned extremely briefly in an update post how I was feeling about it. But I figured it’d be worthwhile to dedicate a whole post to the book. So yeah, today we’re going to have  a bookish chat. Let’s get started!


This is the second book in a series (that doesn’t seem to have like a running title, just different titles for each book) about a girl named Karou and an angel named Akiva who are both trying to save their people. If you want more of a description of the set up for this world I’ll link my post on the fist book “Daughter of Smoke and Bone.”

I was initially not as into this book as I was the first one. The first book set up more of the star-crossed lovers situation that Karou and Akiva are in which was nice because I’m a fucking romantic. This second one was very bloody and had lots of killing and just war. It’s still very well written so I wasn’t mad at it. I guess when I started this series I was under the impression it was going to be more about these two people and it’s so much more than that. Which, like I said, not mad at. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Laini Taylor does a great job with her endings so I’m super pumped to read the last book (I think?) in the series. She throws so much at the reader right in the last couple chapters that just make you go OH SHIT. But first I think I’m going to finish “Slasher Girls and Monster Boys” first.

Also I just started an anime today that’s basically “Attack on Titan” with trains and I’m so into it so expect a first impression post on that very soon.

Until next time ❤


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