SoOoOo Quirky (Anime First Impression)

Hello blog people! Lil man Brady has thrown a lot of new animes my way to start lately. This week I started one called “Boku no Hero Academia” or “My Hero Academia.” So this one goes out to my Otakus today. It only has 5 episodes as of me writing this post and I’ve only watched 3 of them so this will be another sort of first impression post. Let’s get started!

The way Brady described this anime to me was the opposite of “One Punch Man” and I think that’s a pretty accurate description. It’s about a young boy, Midoriya, who wants very much to be a hero. Which isn’t all that far fetched since he lives in a world where humans have evolved and started to be born with what they call quirks which are special abilities. So basically pretty much everyone is a little super in this anime. But there are like 20% of people who aren’t born with quirks. And Midoriya is one of them. In the first couple episodes I’ve watched he’s had to deal with bullying due to his lack of quirkiness and finding a way to achieve his dream of becoming a hero despite being normal.

I think if you liked “One Punch Man” this anime is definitely worth the watch. It’s very sweet and funny. You’ll root for Midoriya and hate his douche lords of classmates. For me, most of the comedy doesn’t hit quite as hard as some other funny animes I’ve watched but it is pretty funny. It also kind of has a comic book feel to it which I like quite a lot since I view manga and comics to be pretty much the same thing. Also I can’t quite put my finger on what it is but something about the animation feels a bit different from what I’m used to but I really like the look of it as well.

Also I like the opening

Till next time, lovelies ❤


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