Beauty School Dropout (Beauty Post)

Hey lovlies! As I kind of have gotten in a habit of posting about books, anime, and beauty I’m going to try and stick with that theme and come at you with a beauty post today. This one is a bit different from one’s I’ve done in the past in that I’m going to talk about everything besides makeup. Let’s get started!


So today I thought I’d talk about some of my all time beauty favorites as far as like skin and hair and stuff. I’ve had friends in the past ask about this kind of stuff so I hope y’all find this helpful 🙂


  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Eye Moisturizer- This is the best drugstore eye moisturizer I’ve ever tried. I’ve tried Garnier ones and they just didn’t do the job for my dry-prone skin. Now, I wouldn’t say this stuff is as good as the higher end products I’ve tried but as far as keeping my eyes from getting dry and crusty, it does the job
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Face Moisturizer- Once again, the best drugstore face moisturizer I’ve ever tried. This Hydro Boost line they have is great. I didn’t have any problems with my skin this winter as I typically do.
  • Biore Face Wash- I pretty much always go to Biore when it comes to face wash. Idk they just make my face feel super clean I love it. Right now I’m using their baking soda face wash.

Side Note: I have tried higher endish products that I like quite a lot but can’t always afford. I love Philosophy products. I’ve tried their Hope in a Jar face moisturizer and Eye Hope eye moisturizer. I loved them both. I’m currently trying Hope in a Tube which is like this firming cream for your eyes and the skin around your mouth and their face wash Clear Days Ahead. So far I really like the face wash. It’s not too harsh or drying and smells really nice. I like the Hope in a Tube for my eyes but it seems to be drying out the skin around my mouth.


  • It’s a 10 Leave- in Miracle Product- I love this leave-in conditioner. It makes my hair feel super soft and helps with the frizz quite a bit.
  • Not Your Mother’s Kinky Waves- This is probably the only gel I’ve put in my hair that doesn’t make it all hard and crunchy. I actually really like it.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo- If you haven’t tried this stuff yet what are you waiting for? It’s a godsend for my hair ( don’t tell anyone but like because of this stuff I only wash my hair like once a week oops).
  • Rusk

Side Note: I recently dyed my hair green/blue. If anyone’s interested I could do a break down of how I did it (when I say I did it I mean my boyfriend did it for me).

I think that’s all I have for you! Keep in mind these products are suited to my skin and hair. I have dry-prone skin and wavy, frizzy hair. But hopefully some of you found this helpful! Till next time ❤


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