Where have I been???? (Update)

Woah okay it’s been like way too long since I’ve posted on my dearly beloved blog. I had some life stuff going on but things are settling down and I’m getting back into my routine which includes kelseylikesreading. I thought today I’d just kind of give you an update on things.

As far as books go I’m currently reading “Days of Blood and Starlight” which is the second book in the “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” series. I think there are three of them. Right now it’s super like… political and war dense for me but I’m still enjoying it. I’m also making my way through a book of short horror stories called “Slasher Girls and Monster Boys.”I’ve read like five of the stories and they are all very creepy. I can’t wait to get into it more. Also I’m reading the fifth volume of the “Blue Exorcist” manga. I realized recently that I don’t really talk about the manga I read. So yeah, right now it’s “Blue Exorcist” which if you know anything about me and anime you know the anime holds a special place in my heart.

I’m having a hard time figuring out what I’ll read after I’m finished with “Days of Blood and Starlight.” I have so many series I want to read like “Splintered” and “Dorothy Must Die” and I just can’t decide which it dive into next. Has anyone read either of them and can provide some guidance?

I’m still trying to finish “Hunter x Hunter.” I have like 40 episodes to go. I’m not ready for it to be over. I’m also watching the second season of “Assassination Classroom” and I like that it seems like finally the plot is progressing.

I had planned a beauty post like a month ago before everything happened so expect that next.

Hopefully you’re still here with me ❤ till next time


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