Bros 4 Life (Not a Book Post: Anime Rec)

Hey there lovlies! I mentioned at the end of a post like forever ago that I had started the anime Hunter x Hunter and I’m currently in the fifth season and pretty well into it so I figured I’d do a sort of half-way through post about it. Grab a friend because you’re gonna want to hug them while watching this one. Got one? Alright LET’S GET STARTED

maxresdefault (2)

Hunter x Hunter is about a young boy, Gon, who wants to become a hunter to find his father who left when he was a baby. It is still unclear to me wtf a hunter actually is. From what I can gather they’re very strong, talented people who go around the world gathering information and helping people. Anyway, Gon’s father is a hunter so Gon wants to become one. The first season is Gon taking the exam and making friends. He becomes best friends with a boy his age named Killua who you find out is from a famous family of assassins. He also becomes friends with a man named Leorio who wants to become a doctor and Kurapika  who’s family was slaughtered for their very beautiful scarlet eyes by a band of thieves that go by the Phantom Troupe. I think that’s really all I can give you at this point.

It’s kind of impossible for me to discuss plot because every season centers around a different theme. Like I said, the first season is Gon and his new friends taking the exam to become Hunters. The second season is Gon and Killua making money by participating in a fighting tournament. The third season sort of takes on a crime drama feel. And after that they are inside a game called Greed Island. Like… how tf could I summarize any of that? We’d be here all damn day.

I’m honestly not even sure how far I am in the anime. I’m like 8 episodes into the fifth season but idk how far from the end that is. All I know is that I love it and I don’t think I ever want it to end. Gon and Killua are my favorite parts of the show. Their friendship is one of the sweetest and cutest things I’ve ever seen. Like when Killua says that being Gon’s friend is the first thing he’s ever wanted??? OMG I can’t. I love them. I need them to be friends forever.

I would normally never watch an anime this long. The longest I think I watched before this was 60 episodes and I think this one is around 150. I’m glad I gave it a chance because I love it and I simultaneously can’t wait to finish and dread it being over.

Until next time ❤


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