Death to Aragami (Not a Book Post: Anime Rec)

Whatup my Otakus??? So the anime “God Eater” has started putting out more episodes and I’m very excite about that. So if you’re interested in that anime but haven’t given it a go, let me try to help you decide (you should do it). LET’S GET STARTED


“God Eater” exists in a post- apocalyptic  world where people are pushed into hiding by nearly indestructible creatures called Aragami. Throughout the show you find out how the Aragami came to be. But the only way they can be fought is by soldiers called God Eaters who wield weapons called God Arcs which are made from cells from Aragami. The show centers around a promising God Eater, Lenka Utsugi.

Immediately when I started watching this show back when it started I thought it was very much like “Attack on Titan.” Big bad monsters. Using their powers against them. One boy being very compatible with the cells. Very “Attack on Titan.” There’s even a sprinkling of politics is in this anime. But there are differences. Just starting with the way it’s animated is different. If I understand it correctly, they use cgi monsters and and two  layers of shading for the people? Idk  what I’m talking about really but you only need to watch 30 seconds of it to see the difference. I think it’s because this anime is based on a video game? I also don’t feel like “God Eater” is nearly as gruesome looking as “Attack on Titan.” I don’t think there’s as much blood and guts in this anime. But I could be wrong.

But if you’re looking for another action packed anime with a (I think) complex story, then what are you doing??? Start this one already!!



  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely be checking this out 😀 I remember seeing it on crunchyroll a few days ago but wasn’t sure if I should start it, will do that now! hehe


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