“I will not become a monster myself.” (“Stars Above” by Marissa Meyer)

Hey there book lovers! Yesterday I finished “Stars Above” by Marissa Meyer which is a collection of short stories that take place in her “Lunar Chronicles” universe. I know I usually request you bring coffee when we sit for a chat but I just had some so just grab a seat and LET’S GET STARTED


I’d like to start a petition that all authors who write series do this. It was absolutely wonderful to have these little stories even after the series ended. Like you know how after you finish a series you just wish for a bit more? Marissa gave us just that with “Stars Above.” She not only included existing characters but gave us  a few new ones. It was also a good mix of stories that took place before and after “The Lunar Chronicles.” Just like the rest of the series, this book left me all happy/sad.

Also the last short story was seriously probably the best way for her to wrap up this whole universe. Like “Winter” was perfect but the last short story just answers the inevitable BUT WHAT HAPPENED NEXT???? I loved it. I think it was my favorite of the stories.

It you’re a fan of “The Lunar Chronicles” and you haven’t picked “Stars Above” up yet wtf are you doing? DO IT NOW

Anyway, I started “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” yesterday and it is very intriguing and mysterious and I’m all about that life.

Till next time ❤

(wait also can we talk about the miss peregrine trailer and how excited I am????)



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