“Library of Souls”

20160208_140021.jpgWhat up fellow bibliophiles?!? Yesterday I finished the third (and last) book in the Miss Peregrine series, Library of Souls. So you know the drill grab your coffee, have  a seat, and let’s have a chat. If you haven’t done the reading you might want to wait and continue until you have but otherwise LET’S GET STARTED.

I find this series extremely hard to describe but I’ll do my best. The Miss Peregrine series is about a boy named Jacob who in the beginning of the series loses his grandfather who he was very close with. Towards the end of his life, his grandfather started telling all these crazy stories about things called loops where time stood still and where “peculiar” children lived. These children were peculiar because they all had special abilities like making fire or having a mouth on the back of their head. He told stories about how he fought horrible creatures called wights and hollowgast. Jacob’s family dismissed all these stories as the ramblings of a senile old man. After his passing, to help Jacob cope with the loss, his father takes him on a trip to and island in Wales to learn more about his life. He comes to find that all the stories his grandfather told were true and Jacob has an adventure of his own. That’s seriously the best I can do. I haven’t read the previous two books in quite some time and I’m going all on memory so sorry if I got some of the facts mixed up or just wrong. I did my best.

I always found this series a bit creepy what with all the monsters and the kind of odd abilities the children have. To me, it reads a bit like a bedtime story and I really enjoy that. I think Mr. Riggs did a great job of ending the series. As you know, I’m totally a sucker for neat and tidy endings and this one comes with a nice bow on top.

I highly recommend this series. You’ll root for Jacob and his friends and be so invested in their safety. You’ll be afraid of the things that go bump in their loops.

Today, I started the last book of the Shatter Me series called Ignite Me (which I think is funny because Ransom and Tahereh are married). So look out for a post about that.

Also I’m currently watching Hunter x Hunter and I love it.


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