YOU’LL RESPECT YOUR HERO (Not a Book Post: Anime Recommendation)

Hello lovely blog people 🙂 I know I’ve been doing anime after anime post but that’s just my life right now I’m sorry. I swear I’ll do other posts in the near future. I got tagged in a thing I might do ( I haven’t decided) and I think I’m going to do another beauty post this week. So my people who aren’t Otaku’s or even close I will cater to you soon. But for now ANIME

So I was scrolling through my old posts (as a vain blogger does) and I noticed that I said in a previous anime post that I was going to devote a post to one of my favorites that was still airing at the time, “Noragami.” More specifically at the time this anime’s second season, “Noragami Aragoto,” was airing. The last episode aired around Christmas and I had just done my “One Punch Man”/ “Seven Deadly Sins” post and I guess I forgot all about “Noragami.” I’m not sure how that is because I’m absolutely in love with this anime but I’m here now to remedy  my negligence.

Um I’m not really sure how to summarize this anime… “Noragami” is about a God (Yato) who is trying to make money by granting wishes (it’s customary to sort of tip a God 5 yen for granting your wish) so he can build himself a shrine. All the popular and well respected Gods have shrines so Yato wants one. However, Yato’s regalia (a spirit that God’s can use as weapons) quits on him and he’s basically defenseless. So while still trying to grant wishes Yato is also looking for a new regalia. He finds a teenage boy spirit named Yukine. The first season, if memory serves me correctly, is dedicated to developing the relationship between Yato and Yukine. The second season has two arcs (meaning two major storylines/ climaxes) the first addressing the strife between Yato and another God, Bishamon. The second arc is a bit harder to explain… Just watch the show.


I love Yato. The more I think about him the more complex a character he becomes and those are the best kind of characters. He is probably the goofiest motherfucker in the show. But omg does he have a past that I don’t really think even with this second season do we fully know. I find him to be extremely likable and endearing. I also really love his regalia Yukine. The progression of their relationship was truly a joy to experience. They’ve been through so much sigh and idk I just love them.

I find this anime to be full of humor and fast-paced action and moments that will turn your heart to goo. Also it’s totally beautiful visually. I can’t recommend it enough. I’m seriously bugging everyone I know who watches anime to watch it because I just want to talk about it all the time ugh it’s seriously so good.


Also I keep forgetting to do this for other anime posts but here’s an English cover of the second season’s opening. Music is so important to me when it comes to anime and I absolutely love this song.

also omfg shout out to whoever created the featured image I found it’s so good if it’s you please let me know so I can credit you!


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