I wouldn’t normally throw my voice into the void about something like an actor dying but I feel like I need to make an exception for Alan Rickman.

Not only was he fantastic in everything I saw him in, he brought to life, in my opinion, the most complicated character in “Harry Potter.” Like most of you I’m sure, this series was a very big part of my childhood. I won’t say it got me to read but it got me to broaden my literary horizons. I thought fantasy was for nerds and weirdos and now I’m one big fantasy nerd and I’m pretty confident that series is to blame.

I believe he had the hardest job of all the actors in those movies. He made us hate him but broke our hearts in a matter of minutes. It warms my heart that he’s finally getting all the wands in the air like Snape deserved.

Hug your fellow book nerd today.



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