FOR FAMILY (Not a Book Post: Anime Recommendation)

What’s good my fellow otakus?? (Sorry if that’s an offensive term to you I’ve accepted it and embrace it). I recently watched “Owari no Seraph” or “Seraph of the End” and as the second season just ended maybe a few of you are considering giving it a go. Let me hopefully provide you with some informed guidance in your decision. HERE WE GO

Alright so this anime is basically “Attack on Titan” but vampires. The human race is being wiped out by a deadly virus that kills anyone that’s over the age of 13. This prompts vampires to come out of hiding. They gather the remaining humans they can find for “protection” from these beasts that roam the Earth that are just kind of there(?). Also blood. Okay so the main character, Yuichiro, is an orphan gathered with the rest of the children he lived with and considered family. With another boy his age (12), Mikeala, they plan to escape. And it all kind of spirals from there I don’t want to say too much but you get the idea. Vampires. Subjugation. Vengeance. (omg I’m so sorry if this is a shit summary I’m so bad at them but I tried)

I did find this anime entertaining and enjoyed watching it very much.I found the main characters likable enough and the plot was interesting enough to keep me guessing and wanting more. Now that I’m thinking back on it I feel like there are some inconsistencies. Like the whole virus thing I don’t feel like was fleshed out enough for me to fully understand where it came from and what it does. But it could just be that I binge so it’s hard for me to remember details and what not. There are others but they don’t bother me enough to say it takes away from this anime.

So if you’re waiting for more “Attack on Titan” this could satisfy your thirst. Actually probably not. But I think it’s still worth a watch.


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