This Vs. That (Makeup Post)

Hello lovelies 🙂 the holidays are sadly over and it’s time for a new year (yay?). I got many nerdy things for Christmas and (as you already know if you read my other posts…) a couple eyeshadow pallets.  After playing with them each for a bit I feel like I’m adequately enough informed to do a mini review of each and I guess provide guidance to anyone trying to choose between the two.

Like I said in my last beauty post I received the Gwen Stefani pallet by Urban Decay from my aunt. What I like about this pallet is how big the pans are for each eyeshadow. It’s going to take me forever to use these up. The ones I’ve tried have all been very pretty and glittery. Besides the burgundy one called Punk but I loved that one as well. I do wish this pallet had more matte shades. I love the pretty creamy colored ones but they’re all shimmer.

Picture 6

Picture 7

I also received the new chocolate bar pallet from Too- Faced called chocolate bon bons. I absolutely love this pallet. The pots are smaller but you do get one more eyeshadow out of it. I think bon bon provides a wider variety of colors where as the Gwen pallet has predominately neutrals. This pallet is also lacking in matte shades but there are quite a few that just have a touch of glitter instead of being a full on shimmer. They’re just all so pretty and smell so good ugh I want to eat them.

Picture 8

Picture 9

So all in all it just depends on what kind of looks you typically do. The bon bon pallet has a lot of pretty girly colors and the Gewn pallet has a lot of neutrals with a couple out- there colors.



  1. I think the neutrals I use are too close to my skin tone and/or I don’t use enough product. But I’m too ehh about trying color-colors!


      • I feel like some bring out yellow undertones, so I think I have to be careful. I need to invest in decent palettes, too. I got a Maybelline one that I like and it makes the Elf one feel very cheap.


  2. good post, these palettes were on my list of what ones to consider getting and this post has helped me decide, thanks! 🙂
    Just recently started up my own blog and would really appreciate a follow back if you’re willing? thanks 🙂 x


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