Makeup Junkie (Not a Book Post: Makeup Recommendations)

It seems I’ve started two book series so my book posts will be few and far between and not much varied.  Since it looks like I’ll be on a semi book post hiatus I figured we could talk about other stuff! Sound good? Sweet.

Usually for Christmas there are only a handful of things I ask for when people as me what I want: Books, tattoo money, or makeup. My aunt graciously got me the new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette and I have to say I didn’t know  I needed this palette but turns out I did I love it quite a lot. I’m supposed to receive the new Too Faced chocolate bar palette called Bon Bon which omg I can not wait to get my hands on it. As Too Faced is one of my favorite makeup brands and I’m getting a new goody from them tomorrow I figured I would tell you guys about some of my favorite Too Faced products. Since, you know, I’ve tried quite a few.

  • Better Than Sex Mascara: If you’ve been here for any amount of time or know me at all you know this is my holy grail mascara. It’s seriously the best one I’ve ever tried and I haven’t felt the need to try any others since.  It makes my lashes thick and dark and not clumpy and it doesn’t flake. Literally anything I could ever want from a mascara

Picture 1

  • Hangover Replenishing Face Primer: This primer is absolutely a dream for my skin. If you have dry prone skin like myself, I’d recommend you give this primer a try. It’s so smooth and hydrating.

Picture 2

  • Born This Way Foundation: I like that they had a color that matched my pasty complexion. It layers very well and blends into the skin magically.

Picture 3

  • Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder: Ugh I’m obsessed with this powder. It really helps minimize the appearance of pores and feels so silky. So if you’re an oily prone person this could do wonders for you.

Picture 4

Some honorable mentions are obviously the chocolate bar palettes. I love the original and semi-sweet so much. Semi-sweet is my go-to palette. The colors compliment my eyes so well. Also I really like the #nofilter selfie powders. The purple one is so pretty.

So yeah. If you’re thinking about delving into the makeup world or you’re already there but haven’t tried this particular brand yet, I hope I provided some helpful guidance.



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