“The young princess was as beautiful as daylight.” (“Winter” Part 1)

Alright folks here we go I’m, give or take, halfway through “Winter” and I’m brimming with enthusiasm. I hope you are too. If you haven’t done the reading I’ll let it slide but for god’s sake BEWARE THE SPOILERS that may or may not appear in this post. Alright here we go!

If you aren’t familiar with “The Lunar Chronicles” series I’ll try to sum it up briefly. The series takes place in the future where there has been peace on Earth for a number of years but the people are plagued by a disease that they can’t find a cure for. Also people colonized the moon. They are referred to as lunars and their planet Luna. On Luna, people can be born with the ability to control bioelectrical waves which basically means they can manipulate people to see and do whatever they want. People who aren’t born with the “gift” are called shells and cannot be affected by other lunar’s “gift.” Also because of the advanced technology, there are people who have become cyborgs meaning parts of them are robotic. The series centers around a girl called Cinder who is an accomplished mechanic. She lives with her adoptive mother and sisters.

Now by this time, I’m sure you’ve had your fill of dystoptian YA series because I know for the most part I have. This is a totally new take on the genre and also has a fairy tale element. The author created something that is so vastly different from it’s source material you almost forget there is source material. Each book has been fast- paced and action packed. They truly are books that are difficult to put aside. The author weaves through narrators seamlessly which was a great way for her to flesh out each character. I’ll be devastated if something happens to any of them. This is more a comment on previous books in the series but I appreciated that there was a secret she was keeping that she hinted at instead of trying to throw it in as a twist. I find anticipation much more satisfying than surprise.

Anyway I’m kind of scared to see how this all ties up in the end but I love this series and if you haven’t dived in what are you doing with your life??


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