“I can bear pain myself but I couldna bear yours” (“Outlander” Part 2)

I was kind of anxious to finish “Oulander” and was finally through with it yesterday. Not that I wasn’t very into the story or anything but damn… 800 pages?!? I’m just not built to be that kind of reader anymore. Anyway beware of SPOILERS and let’s get started!

Ugh I absolutely adore the love that’s developed between Jamie and Claire. I thought it was a bit crazy that she decided to stay… but I guess there wouldn’t be a series if she left. I do like the way this first book ends because if I wanted to, I could totally stop here. Which I plan on for the time being. But I’m also kind of notorious for starting series and waiting too long to finish them and then forgetting everything and being very confused. But I do plan on seeing this through.

There were parts of the book that were hard for me to read. I finished it yesterday sitting on my boyfriend’s couch while he played the new “Fallout” and I was yelling more than he was. I don’t know how many times I said “NOOO!” or “I can’t do this. I don’t wanna.” Poor Jamie 😦 but I think his journey at the end is a realistic portrayal of recovery and even if it was hard as a reader to get through, it was necessary for his character.

As I said, since this is a hefty series I’ll be taking a break from it and reading some books that are a bit lighter. Today I started the last *cries* book in “The Lunar Chronicles” series “Winter.” I absolutely love this series and I’m so sad to see it end especially since I won’t be able to control myself and I’ll probably tear through this book. Although, “Jessica  Jones” was released last night so maybe I’ll try to distract myself with that.

Till next time 🙂


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