Ask and you shall receive (Not a book post: More makeup stuff)

Alright ladies and (maybe?) gents I finally finished editing my next makeup video for this post. Bare in mind I’m not professional in any universe. I’m just a girl who loves makeup and is kind of okay at putting it on her face and sometimes other peoples.

I decided that I’d give y’all a rundown of what my everyday face looks like. I also wanted to show you all what  I do as far as foundation and my brows go. The eye part is kind of rushed but I didn’t really intend on going in great detail since the way I do my eyes is (obviously) tailored to my eye color and shape so I didn’t think it’d be much help to anyone unless you have my eye color and big ass eyes…  I digress.

If you’re a fellow makeup junkie you’ll probably be like me and lean towards a particular brand. I generally turn to Too- Faced for the majority of my makeup products. If you have any questions about any of the things I use here I’m all ears.

Are there any other makeup/ beauty related things anyone would like me to tackle next?

Oh also sry if the music isn’t your thing. You can turn off the volume and listen to your own?


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