Sassenach (“Outlander” Part 1)

Finally! A book post! Ring the bells! Start the choir! Or just sit and we’ll have a chat. I’m probably going to be quite vague with this one so I’m not sure if you’ll need to be wary of spoilers but just to be safe SPOILERS alright let’s get started!

I’m finally about halfway through “Outlander” which is the first book in a series by Diana Gabaldon. It’s about this mid-twenties woman, Claire, who is reunited with her husband Frank after working as a nurse during World War II. They take a second honeymoon in Scotland. Frank is like obsessed with his family history so he’s researching that while they’re traveling. Claire is exploring one day and comes across these standing stones and is sent back in time. She is taken into this Scottish clan and meets a man named Jamie and well there’s lots of stuff in between. This is as bare- bones a summary you can get. I really am not doing it any justice.

This novel is full of action and history and sex. Just for that fact it reminds me a bit of what “Game of Thrones”is like. Although I’ve never read that series. I’ve fallen in love with Jamie and I root for Claire. It’s quite the predicament she’s in. She’s trying to get back to the standing stones so she can go back to her husband but she’s grown attached to Jamie and it’s almost like she’s forging a new life in the past. There are times when she forgets what her goal is  and what she’s meant to be doing. And just let me say the sex scenes in this novel are steamy. Sometimes they get a bit brutal and that makes me uncomfortable but you take the good with the cringy.

I’m kind of pissed that I got into this series. It’s great but… seven books??? That are all like 1000 pages??? God help me.


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