Anime Update (Not a Book Post)

I hope I’m not being annoying but I’m really trying to get back into the swing of this blogging thing. So I’m coming at you with an anime post because it was requested (thank god because I’d write them anyway). I figure this will probably be mostly an update on the ones I finished recently and the ones I’ve started recently.

I think last we chatted about anime I had just started “God Eater” and “Gangsta.” “Gangsta” was a little disappointing in that it just kind of ended. I don’t believe it’s getting a second season and there was absolutely no ending. “God Eater” has to take breaks a lot I’m guessing since they’re doing totally new things with their animation. But I really enjoy it and I can’t wait for the next episode. It comes off  quite a bit like “Attack on Titan” which isn’t a bad thing for me.

I apparently was also watching “Assassination Classroom” last  time. I caught up and I actually find I really like this anime. I didn’t at first just because I wasn’t used to watching an anime with so much comedy in it. But I guess as it goes on the story develops more and it isn’t all about the comic relief. But man is it funny.

I also recently finished “Akame Ga Kill” which was a bit of a let down. I really did enjoy it as a whole but it had the same problem “Blue Exorcist” did : Anime original ending. So I felt a bit disappointed just because I saw so much potential in it. The characters were so interesting and could’ve been developed so much more. Also the love interest being thrown into the plot wasn’t very gracefully done. I still really liked “Akame Ga Kill” but I think I could’ve really been torn apart by it had they played their cards right.

Okay and as for the animes I’m currently watching I just started “Kekkai Sensen” which is very intriguing and I’m about halfway through “Deadman Wonderland” and am totally prepared to be very frustrated by the fact it just FUCKING ENDS like “Gangsta” did. I’m thinking about watching “Tokyo Ghoul” but I’ve been told the second season makes it totally not worth it. Thoughts?

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m also watching (and loving) “Noragami Aragoto” which is just the second season of “Noragami.” I love this anime so I plan on devoting a whole post to it in the future.


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