Fall (TV) is Life (Not a Book Post: TV stuff)

Alright the votes are in and *drum roll* this will be a fall TV post! New and exciting things! Make up related posts were also requested (which didn’t occur to me and I’m not sure why) and I plan on doing so look out for that. If you have any particular things regarding make up you’d like me to explain/ talk about just let me know.

ANYWAY I digress. I have three fall TV shows that I’m currently in love with. Lil man Brady got me into two on the CW that are great. I love “The Flash” and “iZombie.” They are both on their second season (their first seasons are both on Netflix I think) and are also both comic book based shows ( as in they are based off existing comic books). Cisco is my favorite part of “The Flash.” He’s pretty much the only comic relief the show gets. Iris doesn’t get on my nerves as much as she used to. Also Joe 4 Prez. Doubly also BARRY ❤

“iZombie” might not be as familiar a comic as “The Flash” so I’ll delve a little more into the plot/ story behind this show. It centers around a former medical student, Liv Moore, who attends a boat party that gets attacked. She wakes up the next day a zombie. She then becomes a medical examiner where she gets her brains to sustain her zombie self. She figures out that eating brains not only causes her to take on the deceased’s personality traits but also gives her glimpses into the person’s last moments. She uses her new zombie powers to help the police solve murders. This show is a bit goofier than “The Flash” but is equally as cool.

Last but certainly not least my favorite fall TV show is “Once Upon a Time.” I love that we get thrown into a new magical world and story every season. My favorite storyline so far was the Neverland one because obviously I want to be Peter Pan. I also liked that it gave us more insight into Rumpelstiltskin’s past. He may not be my favorite character but I do find him the most interesting. Obviously I’m Hooked ❤ Also Dark Swan is killing me D: I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN CAMELOT!!!!

I’ve thought about watching “American Horror Story: Hotel” but I never finished “Freakshow.” Should I just skip the rest of “Freakshow” (which honestly was a little blah) and start fresh with “Hotel?” I really enjoyed all the previous seasons of “AHS.”


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