Feelin lazy af

I know I’ve been a bit M.I A. lately and my only excuse is that I’ve been feeling a bit lazy. But since I haven’t posted in what feels like years, I thought I’d do a mini update on things.

So I finished “Through the Looking Glass.” It was very similar to “Alice in Wonderland.” I’m currently attempting to make my way through the first book in “The Outlanders” series. I’ve heard good things and I’m sure when I really get into it I’ll love it.

I’m also reading my second manga, “Blue Exorcist.” As I’ve said before, I’m very bitter about how the anime went and I’d like to see how this story is actually supposed to go. Also Rin ❤

I’m in the process of watching a few animes currently. I’m watching “God Eater” and “Gangsta” (which I physically can’t pronounce the way it’s spelled). I find them both very interesting so far. Either one might earn a post in the future. I’m also catching up on “Assassination Classroom” which is probably one of the goofiest animes I’ve ever seen.

As far as my actual life I’m taking the GRE in a couple days which is like the SAT for graduate school. I haven’t been studying because I’m starting to find the whole thing pointless sigh. I digress.

K I think that’s all.



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