“What do they call this kind of feeling?” (Not a Book Post: Anime Recommendation)

I went and visited my mom and little brother over Labor day. It’s always fun to chill with them. Brady and I, as usual, binged an anime that he raved about but insisted I wait to watch until we could watch it together. SPOILERS okay let’s go.

We watched “Your Lie in April.” This anime, like “Plastic Memories,” is not typically my style or genre or whatever. I guess Brady had gone through a phase because this was another romance which made me roll my eyes when he told me.”Your Lie in April” is about a boy, Kousei Arima, who has been playing piano ever since he was a child but after his mother’s death becomes unable to hear his own playing and doesn’t play piano or compete for two years. Kousei meets a girl named Kaori Miyazono who is a violinist. Throughout the show, Kaori helps Kousei face his mother’s death and gets him back on stage and playing his piano again. I’ll say no more or else I might ruin it for you and I don’t want that.

“Your Lie in April” deals with death and grief which I guess I gravitate towards since I think it’s such a central part of the human experience to confront both of these things. It also deals a lot with love. I remember saying to Brady that this had like a love square in it. There’s so much unrequited love but also like… not. It’s complicated as usual.

This is I think the most artistic anime I’ve ever experienced. The dialogue was so poetic it was kind of hard to get used to but the language was very beautiful. It was like watching a book. If that makes sense. The music was perfect. Visually, it was stunning. I’d consider this anime a piece of art. Just ugh it was all so beautiful.

I’d say I liked this one more than “Plastic Memories” but I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison since “Plastic Memories” was only 12 episodes and “Your Lie in April” was 22. But if I had to recommend one over the other, definitely watch “Your Lie in April.” It’ll tear your heart out but you’ll like it.

P.S. omg when I was just now looking for pictures to use for this post I saw so many people creating photos of this anime using quotes from “The Fault in Our Stars” and I just have one thing to say to you people… FUCK YOU OUCH my poor heart 😦



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