“Why is a raven like a writing- desk?” (Lewis Carroll Part 1)

As it turns out, I was reading “Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland,” not “Through the Looking- Glass.” Oops. Anyway I feel about eight years old right now so I guess that’s pretty perfect for discussing a children’s story. I’m not going to bother with the SPOILERS warning. If you don’t know this story then I’m not sure you actually had a childhood… I digress. Let’s get started!

I find it really cool to read the source material for a story I’m already fairly familiar with. Obviously Disney did it’s thing with it and it isn’t exactly the same but I was pleased to find I recognized a lot of the dialogue especially. What I find kind of funny is that there are things included in the Disney version that I almost wish were part of the original story. I found myself laughing quite a bit and I’m not sure what that says about me. Alice gets made fun of quite a bit and I found myself saying DAMN at all these burns Alice was being dealt.

This is a book I mostly wanted to read and have for any future children I may have. Do any of you other bibliophiles do that? Buy books specifically to read to possible future children? Just me?

I am currently reading “Through the Looking- Glass.” I’m interested to see if the story I’m familiar with is more of  a blend of the two.

Also, as Alice says, “What is the use of a book with out pictures?”



  1. I buy, or think about buying, books all the time for my future children! Like literally, we’re going to be the family that takes the kids to the library every other weekend and brings half the library home with us. I will not be happy unless my house is filled with books EVERYWHERE.


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