“Like a butterfly. Or a heartbeat.” (“Eleanor and Park” Part 2)

Alright nerds (I mean that in the most endearing way) I finished “Eleanor and Park” tonight and sigh my heart aches in a kind of pleasant way. Anyway SPOILERS okay let’s get started.

This book made me feel things I hadn’t felt in a while. It was kind of nostalgic. Eleanor and Park’s relationship reminded me a bit of Adam and Mia’s from “If I Stay.” It wasn’t love at first sight and I always appreciate that. Or even lust, which some like to say teenagers experience instead of love. It wasn’t quite as much work as Adam and Mia though. Also like where the fuck were these kinds of boys when I was in school? Are they even real??? I digress.

I was talking with my good friend and fellow blogger, Katie, (who also read the book) about the ending. It leaves you satisfied without telling you everything. It was nice to know that at least Eleanor’s mom and her siblings got out of that house. It also was nice that it did kind of just end. It was sad but not as sad as them falling out of love would’ve been. I thought it was awful when Park said holding that other girl’s hand that he took to prom felt like holding a mannequin. Like to go from feeling so alive and have every nerve be on fire to that… kind of breaks my heart a little.

I was watching this movie the other night called “Midnight in Paris” where this guy is obsessed with the past (Paris in the 20’s to be exact) and at night somehow interacts with famous writers and artists. Hemingway tells the main character that being with a great woman should make you feel immortal. The way Park described just holding Eleanor’s hand, I think they could’ve been immortal.

Anyway yeah I really loved this one. I’ll definitely check out more by miss Rainbow.

And I think I’ll read “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll next. If you’re interested.



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