“I think I live for you.” (“Eleanor and Park” Part 1)

So I’m about halfway through “Eleanor and Park” and am just about to burst with enthusiasm. This is a fairly new book so I understand if you care about SPOILERS. Okay that’s your warning let’s get started!

Sigh I’m so mad it took me so long to read this book. It was another one of those situations where everyone was talking about it and loving it and I was hesitant because things don’t always live up to expectations. I thought “Eleanor and Park” would just be a cute lil read and be like a warm gooey brownie. BOY OH BOY was I wrong.

This book does have incredibly cute moments but ugh there’s so much more to it than just two kids falling in love. Which is why I love YA so much. The good ones are always so meaningful and insightful.

Anyway this book is about two kids falling in love. It also addresses things like domestic violence and emotional abuse. Like both Eleanor and Park have pretty shitty home situations. Hers is definitely worse but Park’s isn’t the greatest either. I guess this book is about them falling in love despite the universe being against them.

I love how intimate the author made holding another person’s hand. Or I guess reminded me how intimate it can feel just to touch another person that you care about.

Currently I’m really worried about Eleanor but I’m hoping to god that things get better because like her shit home situation is kind of making her treat Park like shit. She’s so hot and cold with him and he doesn’t really know why. I guess that’s one thing I am  a bit frustrated with Eleanor.

I’m hoping for the best. I’m guessing they break up at some point because of the beginning. We’ll see.



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