“Can I ask you why the sky is blue?” (Not a Book Post: Anime Songs)

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of book posts recently which I’m not mad about but I realize a lot of people either don’t like books (I know… wtf) or they don’t want to read about a book they haven’t read yet. So I thought I’d go back to anime for now. Cool? Okay cool.

For me, what takes an anime from being okay to being super heart wrenching is the music. If an anime has legit fucking music then it’s a wrap I’ll be feeling all of the things. I’ve taken to listening to a lot of the music from some of the animes that I love recently. So I put together a little list of some of my favorites. I’m not going to put them in any sort of order because that would be so stressful to make those kinds of decisions. I just picked ten of my favorites. They’re probably mostly in alphabetical order because that’s how they show up in my music library.

  • Aliez from “Aldnoah Zero”

omfg this song is so good. Like it just builds and makes you want to do some shit. This song is on my running playlist. Also this guy totally smashes it.

Ugh “Attack on Titan” is another show that just has amazing fucking music. The lyrics are just so pretty. I love this particular cover of this song. So pretty.

  • Flyers from “Death Parade”

This is probably the only like fun song I’ll list. It’s so upbeat which does not match the content of the show but hey it made me want to dance before contemplating life and death. Also I love this guy. If I could, I’d use his covers for every song.

Sigh I really loved this anime and the way this song was used in the show just ugh all of the tears. Migi ❤

Now this fucking song is more in line with the tone of the show. This guys voice fucks me up  man like in the chorus when he’s almost screaming “I’m not gonna make it” uggghhh

This is one of my all time favorite animes and this is my favorite song from the show. The moment they chose to use it was just so powerful. I’LL COME BACK FOR YOU!!!!

This is another song that’s on my running playlist. It just makes me feel good and warm. He doesn’t know this, but this song reminds me of my little brother.

You won’t understand wtf this song is about if you haven’t seen this show but if you have then you’ll know it fits so well. I love the line “Can I ask you why the sky is blue?”

This song is playing during a really tragic part of this show but I guess it’s all mostly pretty tragic… I digress. This song is awesome.

omg I loved “Blue Exorcist” and to be honest I’m still bitter it got canceled so early.

In case you didn’t notice, I linked videos of each song if you want to have a listen.

Anyway yeah next time will be back to our regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for indulging me.


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