We’re all Sylvia Plath (“The Bell Jar” Part 1)

Or at least I know I feel a major connection to her. Anyway, I’m being the biggest cliche and reading “The Bell Jar” (and, spoiler alert, loving it) so I think we should take a stroll talk about how we don’t know wtf to do with our lives besides write poems. If that’s not your thing I guess we can talk about the book. Idk if anyone would care (and this book is old enough I’m not sure this applies) but SPOILERS okay now we can start.

“The Bell Jar” is about this girl Esther Greenwood who going to college (I think? It seems more like an internship or something) in New York and is writing for this fashion magazine. That’s essentially it as far as plot goes. So far, this book seems to deal with feelings of inadequacy, expectations of women, and how FUCKING HARD it is to figure out wtf to do with your life.

I relate to Esther (and, therefore Sylvia. Because I’m pretty confident Esther is probably very similar to the author). She kind of wonders why she has to do the same things other women do like get married and have children. When asked what she wants to do after college, she says she just wants to write poems. She’s prone to sadness and loneliness. I’m getting the impression she feels a bit swallowed up by the city lights. In the most recent chapter I read, she’s supposed to be packing but her friend Doreen wants her to go out. Esther doesn’t really want to because 1. she should be packing and 2. she says she wants to walk around the city at night to see if the magic will rub off or if she’ll finally understand it.

Omfg there was this one part where she’s hanging out with Buddy and he said something about poetry being dust UGH what a dick.

I’m not sure about my ex-classmates, but I think those are all pretty common traits for writers to have. I wish I could just write and that it would be enough but I have to live and to do that I need to make money. I hate the idea of writing for money. Like obviously it would be nice for it to be profitable for me but like… that’s not why I do it and I feel like somehow it would be tainted if I started doing it because I was getting paid.

ANYWAY I digress.

Like the giant cliche I am, I love this book. So far.


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