“Let’s face it, most girls are annoying.” (“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” Part 2)

I finished “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” so I hope you’re ready because I sure am. SPOILERS okay let’s get started!

Okay so I realized in the latter half of this book that Greg is kind of awful in the way that most teenagers are awful. He’s incredibly self-centered and seems to have little consideration for other people. I loved when Earl kind of told him to grow the fuck up because the shit he cared about nobody else cared about. He was so worried about how he appeared to people who didn’t care about him and who didn’t matter. To be fair to Greg, he did constantly say how he’s a shitty friend and isn’t capable of proper human emotion.

Greg was basically right when he said Earl is a better person than him. There was only one moment where I kind of wanted to kick Earl in the face. Earl is talking about bisexual people and how he just doesn’t believe or understand how someone can be attracted to both genders and generalized that those kinds of people must be attracted to everything. I was like really.. come on Earl. You’re better than this. To his credit, I think to some extent he was exaggerating.

I do think Greg’s meltdown at the hospital and his sort of realization the he’s been shitty to this girl who is dying pretty accurately portrayed what you go through emotionally when experiencing a loss. Also the excessive modesty thing was TOO accurate.

Also I have to take back what I said previously about how Greg explicitly addresses his reader. It’s because he has an intended reader. So it works.

Doubly also please don’t compare this book to “The Fault in Our Stars.” They both may have characters with cancer but the stories are vastly different.

Anyway I’m reading “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath next. Once again, not YA but I’ll probably post about it anyway.


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