I’m also a tattoo addict (Not a Book Post: Addiction Confession)

As a present to myself for my 24th birthday (and half from my momma <3) I got a new tattoo. Now, I was going to write this post before and changed my mind but I really love tattoos, especially mine so fuck it.

I got my first tattoo when I was 21. My friends (Liz, Michelle, and Minerva) and I were on our way home from somewhere and we drove by the shop I planned on going to. They asked if I wanted to go in and make an appointment which I did. So I go in and start talking to who would turn out to be my artist about what I want. He shows me a sketch that I love. He (his name is Clay. Just so I don’t have to keep calling him “he” or “the artist”) then tells me that he just needs to get set up and he’ll be ready. I was so not mentally prepared. You know when you get so nervous you can literally feel the blood pumping through your wrists? Does this happen to anyone else? Well that happens to me and was in full effect while I waited. My friends went and got me McDonald’s since I hadn’t eaten in a few hours. The tattoo only took like half an hour and cost me like 50 dollars. Since then I usually get about 2 a year, one for my birthday and one around Christmas. This most recent one was my 6th.

I get a lot of questions about why I have certain tattoos but like… that can open up a deeply personal conversation that I’m not sure y’all are ready for.

I also get a lot of questions about the logistics of getting  tattooed. To answer the most frequently asked: yes, they all hurt to some extent. I used A&D ointment on them before but Clay scolded me and told me I should be using aquaphor. So now I’m using that. You should be willing to shell out some money for good work. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TIP YOUR ARTIST. I went to a shop in my area that had a good reputation but you should always do research on the shop/ artist you want to go to. Make sure it’s clean and shit. If you like the stuff I have, Clay is super talented and I can point you in his direction.

Here’s some pictures of the tattoos I have.



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