ERROR (Not a Book Post: Anime Recommendation)

It may be my birthday but it’s business as usual here at kelseylikesreading. I stated very briefly at the end of one of my recent posts that I was watching an anime I was thinking about posting about. Well I’ve decided to do just that. SPOILERS okay let’s get started.

The said anime is called “Plastic Memories” which is sort of this futuristic setting in which we’ve developed androids and artificial intelligence. So there are these android type people called giftas that have these personalities/ ai systems installed in them. They don’t look or really act any differently from normal humans. The only downside to having one of these giftas is that eventually their personality systems expire and if they’re not collected before that they turn into what’s called a wanderer. They turn into animalistic super powered creatures that will fuck you up. The story centers around this office that does this collecting and destroying of the ai systems.

Okay so I was hesitant to watch this one since from what I understood before watching was that it was a romance. I typically watch sci-fi/ fantasy animes. But lil man Brady insisted that it was great so I gave it a chance. This anime does a good job of being super fucking cute while also being intense as fuck. It makes you think about what you would do if you only had so much time. Would you want to make memories with the people you love? Or keep your distance so a bomb isn’t set off in your wake destroying the people in your life?

Be prepared to cry all of the tears while watching this one.

Also if you’re a cold-hearted cynic like myself I’m telling you you’re faith in love will be pried to the surface against your will.


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