PART OF YOUR WORLD (Not a Book Post: Life Adventure)

As I briefly mentioned in my previous book posts, my roommates (Liz and Minerva), our good friend Michelle, and I went on a mini friendcation to Ocean City, Maryland. It had a bit of a rocky start but over all it was a relaxing weekend that was deeply needed (for my sanity anyway).

I don’t get to go to the beach as much as I’d like to. I’ve always thought of myself as some sort of fish/ human hybrid (… mermaid… I’m a mermaid). Michelle and I spent a great deal of time in the water. I was collecting shells and putting them in my bathing suit top. We were diving under waves and sometimes getting knocked and flipped around. It’s really cool to dive into a wave because if you do it right even though you’re moving you don’t go anywhere. Idk it feels really cool.

Probably because of the reading material I chose to bring with me, I was thinking a lot about memories over this salty weekend. Last time I was in Ocean City I did a lot of stuff by myself. I took walks on the beach at night (and got caught in people’s fishing line). I stayed in the hotel and read while my mom and her best friend slept. It was solitary but not in a lonely way. That wasn’t that long ago but it’s light-years from who I am now.

As an early 20 something most of the time I feel like I’m floundering. There are so many things I feel like I should be doing and things I want to do it’s overwhelming. It was easy to forget all of these things this weekend, like the ocean was smashing my worries into the shore and drying them out on the sand.

Anyway here are some pictures Liz took that I like.


So I still spent most of my time reading… but I wasn’t the only one!
At least I make sure to keep my tattoos from burning.


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