“All this happened, more or less.” (“Slaughterhouse Five” Part 2)

Just in time for me to go on vacation, I finished “Slaughterhouse Five” today so it’s discussion time. I hope you’remember all 18 years or older because there was explicit content and I don’t want your parents complaining. Anyway spoilers blah blah blah spoilers HERE WE GO!

As I stated in my previous post about this book, I found it hard to get into but I did find it worth the read. It’s funny in a borderline silly/ disturbing way but insightful. I liked the idea presented that people live on forever in moments and memories. Which is all fine and dandy for the  Tralfamadorians who can time travel BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US???!?! I digress.

There was this one part where the American prisoners of war finally were fed but like weren’t monitored so it made them sick and there’s this scene of Billy walking past all these guys puking and shitting everywhere and one guy is like saying he’s shit out everything except his brains but then a few seconds later is like “There they go, there they go.” I’m 23 (almost 24) years old and I still love poop jokes.

This book uses humor to disguise itself for what it is (or at least what I view it as). “Slaughterhouse” has a small commentary (I think) on how the elderly and veterans are treated (not well). And it obviously was a commentary on war. There were many differing viewpoints presented among the various minor characters (Good? Bad? Necessary? idk?).

Overall, “Slaughterhouse Five” made me laugh and made me think. I’m not sure what else I could ask for from a novel.

While I’m at the beach for the weekend, I’ll be starting “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart. I don’t know anything about this book except it’s YA and my main man John Green raved about it.

(Also I’m about to finish an anime called “Plastic Memories.” Should I post about it?)


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