So it goes… (“Slaughterhouse Five” Part 1)

Pardon me for posting again so soon but I realized I’m halfway through “Slaughterhouse Five” ( by Kurt Vonnegut) today. So I hope you don’t mind (it doesn’t matter if you do sorry) but it’s discussion time. Come sit in the circle and plug your ears if you haven’t done the reading.

So this is a history/ war book that deals with World War II and time travel. This is going to sound awful but I can’t remember the narrators name. Anyway in the beginning the narrator is talking about he was writing a book about Dresden which is like this major bombing (I’m pretty sure). Then he starts talking about this guy he knew that was in the war called Billy who like would say he was abducted by aliens and could time travel. Which is what the bulk of this story has been about, this particular soldier and his adventures.

I’m starting to really get into the story but in the beginning it was a bit hard to follow when he threw in the time travel stuff. The writing style is strong and interesting with a bit of humor drizzled on. I’m interested to see how the rest of this book goes.



  1. Oh Kelsey gurl, you crack me up with “is like a major bombing.” I laughed out loud. I finished this a few days ago. Definitely different from what you’re used to reading, but I think you’ll be pleased…Very funny throughout!


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