I ORDER YOU!!! (Not a book post: Anime Recommendation)

Well I just finished the first season of “Black Butler.” Honestly I’m not sure how to feel. Finishing an anime always leaves me empty. ANYWAY let’s sit and chat (idk if there will be spoilers but there might be so just be careful).

I say I finished it even though I know there’s a second season and two other “books” of “Black Butler.” However, I’ve been told that the second season isn’t worth the watch. I’ll probably end up watching “Book of Murder.”

I really enjoyed how everything came together in the end. A bunch of seemingly random pieces turned out to not be so random. The ending with Sebastian and Ciel was a bit… intimate. It was weird. But the good kind? I’m not sure.

The accents were a bit obnoxious at first but I got used to them. I know, I watched  a dub so sue me. I tried to watch the sub but idk it was weird for me to read like British slang. I also could not get over the fucking taglines/ catchphrases/ whatever you want to call them from this show. Sebastian constantly was reminding us that he’s a demon. I GET IT YOU’RE FROM HELL IT’S FUNNY THAT YOU’RE ONE HELL OF A BUTLER. I liked it when the servants used one of Sebastian’s catchphrases. It was cool.

The dynamic between Ciel and Sebastian was… hard to put my finger on. Like Ciel was the master and Sebastian did whatever he asked him to do as his butler. But idk sometimes their relationship felt borderline romantic but Ciel is only supposed to be like 12 and Sebastian could be like thousands of years old for all I know. So that made me a bit uncomfortable. But hey what anime doesn’t make you a little uncomfortable.

This isn’t going to go up there with my favorite animes but I did enjoy watching it. My mind might change after watching “Book of Murder” we’ll see.

I’m getting close to halfway through “Slaughterhouse Five” (which is pretty fucking weird) so be on the lookout for that.



  1. The anime is different from the manga. I love the manga. People are saying Season is not worth watching because those are the people who have read the manga, and are disappointed that Season 2 is a completely original story that veered away from the manga’s plot. I personally like Season 2. Book of Murders and Book of Circus follow the manga loyally, so that’s probably why more people are recommending it.


    • That makes sense. Thats kind of what happened with fullmetal. It did seem weird to me that there was a second season since the first one had a definite ending. But it is pretty common for people to dislike when animes go in a different direction than their manga.


      • Brotherhood is a different anime adaptation than the first one. It’s like HUNTER x HUNTER (1999) & HUNTER x HUNTER (2011). The later adaptations of both anime follow the manga more loyally than their first counterparts. Actually the mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist requested that the first anime adaptation veer away and have a different ending than the manga. I guess they just respected her wishes, that’s why it was different.

        Indeed, it’s pretty common for people to dislike anime that veer away from the manga. I also prefer that anime follow the manga’s plot loyally, but I don’t mind if they don’t. How about you?


      • Yeah I know that brotherhood and original are totally different. I prefer faithful manga adaptations but to be honest I haven’t read that many and only one in its entirety :/ I’m fairly new to the anime world.

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