M is for Mojo (“Witch and Wizard: The Fire” Part 1)

This is one of those books that I can just bulldoze through so I’m already halfway through “The Fire” by James Patterson and Jill Dembowski which I’m not sure how this duel author thing works but whatever. Y’all know the drill it’s update time where you should beware of spoilers if you  haven’t read this book.

This is a series I started many moons ago and I just can’t bare having started and not finishing. Sometimes I wish I could just let these YA series go because they aren’t all gems but I digress.  The “Witch and Wizard” series is about twins Wisty and Whit Allgood who live in a world taken over by a man referred to as The One Who Is The One who is basically an all powerful wizard. This all powerful dictator bans all things that would individualize a person like books and music and even religion. The twins parents are sentenced to death (for what I don’t remember sry) and right before their public hanging Whit and Wisty find out they (the twins) possess powerful magic rivaling that of  The One.  “The Fire” is the third book in the series and apparently there are at least two more (god help me).

I think when I first started reading these I loved them because they were so easy to read and I love books I can get through quickly. But now I’m in my twenties and wondering wtf I’m doing not only with my life but with my book choices. Don’t get me wrong this is a solid and captivating series… for someone like ten years younger than me.

But anyway onto this particular book in the series. I feel like the action is moving along so quickly. Like so much shit has happened. Wisty like came back from the dead (sidenote: I kind of love the name Wisty) Whit took down The One’s like number one student and found someone they thought was dead. It’s a lot.

As I said, I will see this through even if it does feel silly to be reading a book so obviously not geared towards my demographic.



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