“You destroy me.” (“Unravel Me” Part 2)

Welp I just finished “Unravel Me” which means it’s discussion circle time. Everyone gather around and if you haven’t done the reading then the story could be spoiled for you but idk LET’S GO

Ugh okay I was so happy that we got more of Warner (Aaron) in the latter half of the book. I find it adorable he calls Juliette love. He becomes more and more interesting and complex the more you find out about him. Adam is pretty straight forward. He’s a good guy with a shitty past. Warner seems to have had a brutal past and can’t seem to decide if he’s a monster or a hero. I will say I find it a little irritating that every fucking YA series I read has a love triangle in it. Like I understand it provides additional conflict which is essential to fiction but I guess it just feels a bit over done. Don’t get me wrong I love steamy romance but idk I just wish these girls would be more decisive about their love interests.

It was pretty awesome to see Juliette explore her powers more thoroughly. Like she can crush a brick? And cause earthquakes???!!? So badass. I hope there’s another book (I think there will be based on how this one ended) because I think she’s going to fuck shit up and I can not wait.

It helped that a face has finally been put to this reestablishment. It think it gives the reader a better understanding of how bad the world has become. This whole overbearing government thing reminds me an awful lot of “The Hunger Games.” I wish we had more of a background on what actually happens in the sectors and how we got here.

Here’s to hoping for a trilogy.

20150629_131810[1]P.S. up next “The Fire” from James Patterson’s “Witch and Wizard” series


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