I’VE GOT AN ANGRY INCH (Not a book post: Adventure Story Time)

So yesterday Liz and I got back from a mini trip to New York City to see the musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” We went last summer to see “Of Mice and Men” but we were there literally for the show and left. But this time we got to stroll the city.

First things first, “Hedwig” was stunning. Darren Criss was absolutely hilarious and heart breaking (it didn’t hurt that by the end of the show he was only wearing these tiny black leather shorts). I wasn’t very familiar with the plot going into it and it wasn’t what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised. This musical (which is based off a book which I DIDN’T KNOW AND I’M FURIOUS NO ONE TOLD ME) is about a boy who grew up in Germany before the tearing down of the Berlin wall (sorry if I’m totally wrong I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to history stuff). He ends up in America as a woman and start a punk band. I don’t want to say too much more. I would see this show again. Probably too many times.

We hung out around the theater after the show to see if we could catch Darren on his way out. We were just hanging out like away from the barricade where most everyone was waiting talking with some of the women sitting around us and I saw a small women in red with luscious brown hair. I thought I recognized her. “Is that Paula Abdul?,” I asked Liz. We couldn’t decide if our eyes were deceiving us or not. “Paula?,” Liz shouted. Turns out we were right. So Liz got up and got a picture with her.

Liz and I got to explore a bit this time around and found some really cool stuff. We stumbled across this SNL exhibition where it was like a interactive museum. They had so many props from the show. Everything they had set up looked exactly the way it does on the show.


We walked through a bit of Central Park (which is huge omfg). We found Cherry Hill where the friends fountain is and visited Strawberry field where the John Lennon mural is. I was kind of glad that’s where we were when we heard that gay marriage is now legal in all fifty states. John I’m sure is proud and smiling. I think Central Park might be my favorite part of New York.


We also visited the New York public library where I spent way too much money. I’m not sure how that happened in a library. Only in New York I guess. They had this board outside by their outside reading area where they were inviting people to write what books they’re reading this summer on a magnet and put it on the board. I put my most recent read, “The Buried Giant” and Liz put hers, “Gone Girl.”


New York might have tricked me into falling in love with it.


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