Still Can’t Touch This ( “Unravel Me” Part 1)

Alright everyone here it is. I’m half way through the book I’m currently reading so I can do my first book post on my new blog! Very exciting I know. Sometimes I accidentally spoil stuff so just be careful okay. I do my best not to but I can’t make any promises.

As I stated very briefly at the end of my last post, I’m currently reading “Unravel Me” by Tahereh Mafi which is the second book in what I’m guessing is a series but idk. The first one was called “Shatter Me.” I talked about it on my other blog in two parts so here’s one and here’s two in case you’re interested in how I felt about the first one.

Okay so this second installment of the teen angstiest of all teen angst is making this story much more interesting. I’m glad that we’re seeing more of Kenji and other characters instead of just Juliette and Adam wanting to bangity bang all the time. Also I kind of love in a sadistic way that it was revealed why Adam can touch Juliette and it’s not such good news.

I’m really wanting more of Warner. Adam is too perfect. Warner is complicated  and more interesting in my opinion. There was this weird moment where Juliette went on a mission with the people of Omega Point and saw Warner and watched him feed this puppy and she was like WTF YOU’RE NOT A TOTAL DICK???? And now she’s met his father and is kind of understanding him a little more. So I hope in the latter half of this book I get more of Warner. That’d be great.

Sigh I hope I didn’t say too much. But this series or whatever is back in my good graces.


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