My taste in music is your face (Not a book post: Music Recommendation)

It’s funny how things work out. Like when you start a new book blog and your first like real post isn’t about a book. But I have more interests than just books OKAY GUYS.

I realized that I never really divulged my taste in music on my previous blog and I’m itching to post so here we are. I do listen to the typical shit they play on the radio so don’t take me for someone who actually knows a damn thing about music. I just like what pleases my ears.

Recently I’ve been listening to twentyone pilots on repeat pretty constantly. I find it really hard to describe music especially some of the non- radio stuff I listen to. The best way I can describe this sound is a bit reggae, hip hop, pop, rock, and bit of spoken word. I really admire this groups lyrics and versatility. I think their single “Tear in My Heart” has been getting some radio play so maybe you’ve heard that song. If you like words I highly recommend twentyone pilots.

(P.S. props to whoever’s image it is that I used for my featured image. It’s dope.)


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